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16-slot Optical Frame (Standard 4U)
16-slot Optical Frame (Standard 4U)
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     16-slot optical transmitter and receiver rack(standard 4U) is convenient for installation and centralized.Can be inserted into 16pcs transmitter or receiver module card, the system configuration dual hot plug backup power to meet the user's centralized use,has over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current protection device. Internal use of voltage compensation technology, can get a reliable, accurate voltage supply. It is the best choice for the situation that use a large quantity of optical transmitter and receiver 

◆ standard chassis, can be installed in the engine room rack, easy to unified management and maintenance;

◆ The rack can insert up to 16 modules at the same time;

◆ Each module can be inserted and removed independently of each other in the rack;

◆ Each slot in the rack supports hot swapping;

◆ configuration of the main and standby power supply system to ensure uninterrupted work;

◆ AC 220V power supply, so that the system is suitable for a variety of work environment;

◆ modular power supply, easy maintenance, shielding effect is good;

◆ support multi module work at the same time , greatly improving the application of the system;

◆ Applicable areas where power fluctuation is large.




16pcs with module mounting plate


4U standard rack

Power input

AC:AC 85~265V,frequency:50/60Hz

Power output

DC12V 10A(max)

ripple wave


Power configuration

Double power hot backup

Max power Consumption


Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Storage temperature


Storage humidity

5%~90% No condensation

Case size (L * W * H)


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