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  Talent is very important to the development of a company. And we believe effective human resources development and management system is also the key part for the company sustainable development, also it is our goal to establish a most effective and progressive drive mechanism.

We always keep the personnel construction as the core task of our company. Such being the case, we are doing our utmost to improve our salary and reward system, Cultivate advanced enterprise culture, establish the same value, create a harmonious working environment and the first-class management system which will be helpful to attract more talents home and abroad. With these talented workers, our company will be more competitive; in the mean time, our workers will get a good opportunity for their self-training and self-development.

Human resources management is the first important part of our entire company management. We have people-oriented, well defined power and responsibility   management system that can provide a good platform for our workers. We adopt competition post mechanism, which is good for talent selection and rational allocation of human resources. We established a good reward and drive mechanism to optimize the human resource structure and improve talent quality.

Our strategy mechanism:

1, Improve the performance evaluation system, adopt advanced salary and welfare system, as well as various distribution forms.

2, Provide various training for all the employees, especially for sales team, R&D team, and technical staffs etc.

3, Establish a career development based training system for cadres

4, Create company culture, and regulate the employees’ action and working attitude with common core value; therefore set up a high level of working and ethic standard.

Our strategic Objective:

1, Establish a high quality and professional business operators team, and it will be the management team of the company.

2, Build a high quality and professional technical personnel team

3, Build a team of skilled workers, and focus on training senior technicians, technicians, and workers with technical expertise.  

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