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L3-2U(4-channel HDMI/DVI/VGA +USB2.0+audio+mic signal transmitted by one core fiber)
L3-2U(4-channel HDMI/DVI/VGA +USB2.0+audio+mic signal transmitted by one core fiber)
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The L3-2U rack is convenient for engineering installation and centralized management. Up to 4 transmitters or receiver boards can be inserted, and up to 4 channels of video (HDMI/DVI/VGA), USB2.0, audio, and microphone signals can be transmitted through a single-core optical fiber, which can meet the needs of users for concentrated use, and the system has over-temperature , Overvoltage, overcurrent protection device. Using voltage compensation technology inside, the extender module can get reliable and accurate voltage power supply.

Connection diagram:

 Standard chassis, can be installed in the rack of the computer room,  convenient for unified management and maintenance;

◆ The modular power supply design is adopted, which is convenient for maintenance and better shielding, can prevents the electromagnetic signal generated by the power supply from interfering with the normal operation of the module group;

◆ The rack can be connected to 4 boards at the same time, centralized power supply management;

◆ AC 220V power supply mode makes the system suitable for a variety of working environments;

◆ Support multiple modules to work at the same time, greatly improves the applicability of the system;

◆ Applicable to areas with a large range of power fluctuations.


2U Rack

Number of slots


Rack size (length × width × height)


power input

AC: AC 100~265V, frequency: 50/60Hz

power output

DC12V 8.5A(max)



Maximum power consumption


Operating temperature


Working humidity


Storage temperature


Storage humidity

5%~90% non-condensing

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    HDMI Uncompressed HD Extender 2U Rack

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