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L4-1U(HDMI/DVI/VGA multiplexer fiber transmission 20km)
L4-1U(HDMI/DVI/VGA multiplexer fiber transmission 20km)
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         This product is composed of a multi-channel transmitter and corresponding multiple receivers, one video input, and maximum of eight optical ports output. Each channel extends the video signal of the host computer to various points in the remote end through a single-core optical fiber, the user can get the image and sound of the computer host in real time at the remote end and use the computer. The maximum transmission distance is 20 kilometers. 
        Products can be used in security monitoring, multimedia information release, video conferencing, multimedia classrooms, large-screen advertising, education systems, splicing systems and other occasions and fields.

Connection diagram:
◆ Standard chassis, which can be installed in the rack of the computer room, which is convenient for unified management and maintenance;
◆ The modular power supply design is adopted, which is convenient for maintenance and better shielding, which prevents the electromagnetic signal generated by the power supply from interfering with the normal operation of the module group;
◆ AC 220V power supply mode makes the system suitable for a variety of working environments;
◆ Applicable to areas with a large range of power supply fluctuations.


1U Rack

Rack size (length × width × height)


power input

AC: AC 100~265V, frequency: 50/60Hz

Maximum power consumption


Operating temperature


Working humidity


Storage temperature


Storage humidity

5%~90% non-condensing

Maximum power consumption


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