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Cannot ignore video interference problem

Time: 2015-06-24

VGA video signal transmission in the process, because of different wiring problems and site environment, often caused by different levels of disturbance image cannot achieve the desired effect. Images flashing, beating, have stripes, and so on.

From the technology above twisted-pair transmission way though itself stronger anti-jamming, but mainly solve the VGA video line such as crosstalk problems of long distance, all is not able to resist interference. There is interference or need to pay attention to bypass the interference source, shielding and grounding. Can also use the shielded cable, shielded cable need to use shielding grounding crystal head, otherwise there will be more serious interference image; Do better grounding image will be better than the shielded cable. Grounding way is single side.

Users at the same time pay attention to the choice against disruptive made specially designed products, better guarantee the quality of image transmission. Products of our company has adopted the special anti jamming technology, and has kept a leading technology in this field, although in some high above the production costs, but is more security products to our customers.

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