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How to check the cable crystal head and VGA interface?

Time: 2013-03-24

The stand or fall of crystal head, quality, crystal head with RJ45 interface tightness and so on are all engineering often appear inside and project traders tend to ignore the check. Inspection method: with proper power shaking head and RJ45 crystal interface, see any change in the image.

VGA interface caused by poor contact low image quality is often met in engineering. Small device manufacturer in China, small wire factory is really too much, hard to avoid, the phenomenon of the VGA connector quality closes nevertheless. or sizes, or needle and hole contact is bad, and so on. This kind of problem often caused a serious phenomenon of image partial color.

Cable crystal head pressure must be careful, a bad wire clamp and wire stripping pliers to truly good crystal head pressure. Good crystal head without pressure, cable of each contact resistance of copper and gold piece of different or too high, will cause the image partial different hues, fuzzy, wait for a phenomenon.

If in doubt can use special line instrument inspection on line, convenient and quick, can quickly find out the problem.

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