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VGA series connection points for attention

Time: 2014-03-11

A. VGA problem: partial color, trailing, snowflake point, the splash screen, screen, screen, etc.

1, can adjust B and C for bringing adjustment potential holes

2, whether to exceed five or more cables, whether T568 line pressing order, weight of crystal head, see if cable, the lay lines without interference, if it's pure copper cable, testing the impedance of the cable, if use the shielded cable no matter do best grounding environment any interference. If use the shielded wire, there is interference environment, and do not receive audio equipment, available seventh or eighth thread grounding.

3, reduce the refresh rate and resolution for partial screen can also use the AUTO key or display related button or lower brightness adjustment.

2. Sound problem

1, a transmitter and a host of audio cables don't answer.

2, the location of the access to the computer sound card to make mistakes.

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