langheng e-home product

Time: 2010-09-27

 Our company release a new multifunction data control product, E-home product is concept of “Easy home, comfortable life”. User use this product at home can freely install host computer anywhere. Cooperate with wireless keyboard, mouse, HDTV and our product, can roam the internet, play games, watch films, download, listen to the music and so on in any room if you like. Own a new E-home life. Cooperate with EPC Clone, multi-use of one machine.

   It could extend the keyboard, mouse, video, microphone, USB ports on computer up to 100 meters. The main features of the product are as follows:
■   It provide a VGA port in local computer, USB standard port could connect kinds of computer peripheral, switch on/off computer in remote.
■   Use two cables (CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6), low cost.
■   Support USB port keyboard and mouse, USB 1.1
■  Economical, closely green, lower heat output, electromagnetic radiation. 
■   Support DOS,Windows,NT,Linux.
■   Hardware design, no need software, install and use easy.
■   Keyboard and mouse in remote display in real time, clear image and high anti-jamming ability.
    E-Home make you enjoy high quality life, anywhere, anytime, you can have a great happy life.

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