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E-home (DF-2) Makes TV as a Computer

Time: 2017-03-29
 In modern society, it is very common to have a computer in each family, and people always watch the online movies from computer, but the only pity is that the computer can not provide user a better audio and visual effect. Now some families also have the big screen TV and even have home theater, and they buy or rent CD or DVDs to watch the movies, which also cost a lot. How ever the internet movies are latest and with big volume, if there’s a way can combine the internet movie and big screen TV or home theater together, then it will bring the audience a unprecedented audio and visual crash. Luckily, our product E-home (DF-2) will make it come true. 

Application Map: 

    With this device, user can use computer anywhere at home, and connect big screen TV, wireless keyboard and mouse, game console, or home audio system, it will provide a unbelievable audio and visual entertainment.


*Use single network cable to transmit video, USB, audio and MIC signals max up to 50meter.

*Support HD 1080P video transmission.

*Enable user to play games with the big screen TV.

*can stay on the sofa, lie down on the bed, in the drawing room, or in the living room, to roam the internet, play games, download, and watch films online with your big screen TV. Enjoy a comfortable life

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