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HDMI Repeater Used in Metro Project

Time: 2017-03-29

I, Introduction 
    More and more cities rise as the fast growth of china economic and population, but it is also getting more and more crowd, especially traffic jam happens every minute and every second in busy hours, such being the case Metro come out to be the best method for those office workers, and the governments are spending more and more effort and money to build the Metro system. As a result the Metro advertisements come out and become more and more powerful and efficient, which is a very important way for enterprises to spread and promote their Brands and products. 








II, Market Demand Analysis
    The current Metro multimedia most adopts LED or LCD screens. LED big screens can bring the audience a more colorful, gorgeous and delicate audio and visual entertainments; However, the LCD TV is a closed and available for long-time view, which is most suitable for the new type “meaning in environment” media play or product placement. And this needs a high-quality, complete and effective information publication systems. 
III, Object 
    A modern information publication systems should be with a good video quality, and easy to maintain, also with the big expend space for further system upgrade. And the solution is just to use the LCD screens that support HDMI and 1080P video, which will makes the advertisement more colorful, vivid and attractive to audience. And it also can broadcast evacuation alert in emergency. 
IV, Product Select 
1) HDMI-R16 HDMI Repeater Extender (one transmitter attach multiple receivers) 

     HDMI repeater extender, it includes a transmitter and multiple receivers. And the product support one HDMI input on sender part, and max 16 HDMI output after cascade chaining, and extension distance increase 100m after each chaining. Besides, the product provides a DVI interface on sender part for local use.  

    The product can be widely used in multimedia, education, railway station, metro station, and airport systems.
Product Specification:


120mm(L)X  80mm(W)X 25mm(H)



Extension distance

Can extend 100 after connecting one receiver, and max can support 16 receivers

Cable type

Cat5,Cat5e,Cat6 UTP cable



Video type




HDMI Protocol




OS support

Windows, Linux, Unix etc



    The product support HDMI signal transmission, support cascade operation, which can reduce the difficulties in cabling, and make the installation much easier.
2) A multimedia player PC, must be stable and with a independent HDMI graphic card
3) Wall mount LCD TV 
① With HDMI input, support 1080P resolution, and also need support audio output. 
② select the named Brands 
③ Choose the proper Size according to project environment. 








4) Good quality pure-copper network cable, such as TCL etc., and qty is up to Project needs

V, Application

VI, Implementation: 
1) Make the cabling from the first sender to first receiver, then from the first receiver to the second receiver etc…connect like this way till the last receiver, and preserve several meters of cable on reach point. Note that avoid the strong electricity environment, and need to use the STP cable in case harsh environment.  
2) The cable sequence is 568B standard and then test with the wire tester to maker sure all the 8 wires are through. 
3) Connect the HDMI extender, PC and TV according to the application map.
4) Turn on the computer, power on the devices and then adjust the system.
    This solution adopts the most popular HDMI signal transmission, and the resolution can reach 1080P, and can transmit the audio at the same time. It can meet the high standard video requirements, and the video quality is much better than the VGA type.

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