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The Digital family Surveillance and Entertainment Solution

Time: 2017-03-29

 Nowadays, Internet has become a essential part in people’s daily life, and “Digital home” based on wired or wireless technology allows people to connect surveillance camera to the entertainment equipments, which will make the daily life more safe an convenient.
I, Network Surveillance
    People are getting more and more busy, and they spend less and less time to take care of their families. But now, as the rapid development of science and technology, all these problems are solved now. People can remotely take care of their families, shops or factories when they are busy with work through internet, and take the proper solution in case of meeting any emergencies. Besides, the fast development of network communication technology, video compression technology and transmission technology makes transmission of digital video, alarm and audio signals through network possible, which provide an efficient and cost effective solution for family surveillance system. So no matter wherever you are, as long as you have a wired or wireless network, you can build a remote video surveillance/management system, then you can watch/manage anywhere through your mobile phone or computer.   
1, Management solution that makes the distance “ZERO “from your office/shop to your family 
(1) Get rid of worry when you are working or on business if you have the old people or children left at home
(2) Get to know timely of your shop or factory
(3) Record all the theft activities


Advantages of IP camera:
(1) Can control though mobile phone
(2) No place and time restrictions
(3) No need to do cabling
(4) Factory domain name binding
(5) Cut down management cost
(6) Easy video management
(7) Combination setting, support online monitoring by several people at the same time
(8) Detection scope setting, and send alarm within the detection scope

2, The solution is designed for the general family use based on the requirements bellow:
(1) Protect the family from intrusion, theft, and fire etc. send the alarm if there’s any emergency.
(2) Take care of the family members, such as old people and children, and take proper solution remotely if there’s any emergency.

3, Features:
   The solution is suitable for the common community and villa families, and the video surveillance is independent from each family, the surveillance range is between 700~200 square meters, especially good for those families with no one home. 
Solutions Design:
   Considering the specialty of family video surveillance to protect the family safety, the solution includes two parts: one is the internal home surveillance, including video and audio surveillance; and the other is timely remote control through ADSL network, and we suggest each family at least to install 2 webcams. 
(1) Video Surveillance
1.1 Install a home network monitoring system in a corner of living room, and adjust the monitoring range to cover the most area of living room and doors.   
1.2 Install a webcam in kitchen or other necessary rooms, and the webcam should face the monitoring area.  
1.3 There’s built-in PTZ and can rotate vertically and horizontally, which can enlarge the monitoring range. 

   (2) Protect from fire and theft
2.1 Install alarm detector, such as IR detector, gate magnetic, smoke detector, vibration detector etc., and then connect them to the alarm interface of network system. 
2.2 The functions of linkage alarm include internal light and siren alarm, and can send e-mail to notice users, also can record and snap the pictures automatically. 
2.3 The alarm system can send out the alarm event to outside timely by noticing management center, call police and send the message to user’s mobile phone etc. 
   (3) The video and pictures can be stored in the build-in SD card or save in other computer hard disk.

   (4) Each network surveillance system is connected to ADSL network over router. So that the videos can be uploaded to the internet, then the users can visit the video remotely.  

II, Entertainments 
    People are getting more and more demanding on home entertainments. They may get tired of those channel number limited TV programs, or they feel bored and tired if facing computer for too ling time.   
But our IPTV set top box can bring you a new and comfort home life. The IPTV box has USB, LAN, WLAN, AUDIO, MIC, VGA and HDMI interfaces, it support 1080P video, and also with small and elegant design. With the wireless keyboard and mouse, you can sit on the sofa or laying on bed to enjoy the online movie, play online games, surfing the internet.

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