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Alarm and monitoring system

Time: 2017-03-29

Alarm and monitoring system

First, a brief description of
At present, along with economic development, a new plant construction, factory equipment, people are more and more emphasis on security has taken many measures to protect the plant's safety. Past practice is to install anti-theft network, but there are also conducive to beautiful, easy to find hide shield criminals, bad guys can not effectively prevent the invasion of other shortcomings. Now, all regions of the plant are rapidly building a modern intelligence to carry out security activities, including the security system, monitoring system and put forward higher requirements.
Second, the research design ideas along
1. Perimeter alarm
<1> in the walls around the factory installed on the infrared sensor, it is the use of the human eye can not see the infrared network with each other to form a protective, safety, and high.
<2> at the plant around the middle of each side about the location and install a large siren sound, four around the edge of the factory installation of four sirens, no matter which one side was the invasion, which side of the siren call the police, issued great sound. Thieves are very guilty conscience, when they heard sirens are so much scared of wits, away.
<3> to have someone to manage the host alarm, the alarm will be displayed on the host when the alarm zone, the zone shows that the position was on behalf of the invasion, so warning centers must be someone on duty. Police information to be dealt with promptly.
2. Monitoring System
In the modern enterprise, the factory implementation of video surveillance systems, security departments can achieve the factory gate in the enterprise, plant, office building, perimeter walls, warehouses and other targets around the clock video surveillance in real time, on the main channel and the production plant to monitor the site executive branch employee can understand the situation, strengthen the management of employee attendance, improve efficiency, the need for production and office space for video monitoring, production management to achieve to keep abreast of the work of the workshop and assembly line production, but the video image must be kept confidential Some shop work environment harmful to human health because of the need to achieve unmanned operation, which need to remotely control the process, some devices which access is difficult due to the installation location, more dangerous manual inspection operations, required for remote camera monitoring, enterpriseleadership in the office using their desktop computer, the main production processes to keep abreast of the real-time production status, handling emergencies, and on-site two-way voice communication, the Internet can be used when they go out the password login to the system to keep abreast of production, demand for remote monitoring regional and medium-sized enterprises, in addition to the local establishment of network monitoring systems, can also be focused on the branches remote video monitoring. Factory closed-circuit monitoring system implementation to achieve its functions:

◆ Real-time on each door for high-definition video surveillance

◆ Real-time on each door for high-definition video surveillance

◆ effectively guarantee the safety of standard operating production site

◆ study materials to go out and work discipline

◆ Real-time monitoring the transfer of materials in all cases the gate

◆ adjust the lens focal length can be clearly observed the details of vehicular access

◆ in the evening when the staff of the gate in place to monitor the situation

◆ staff at any time examine the actual production of labor discipline

To further meet the social and economic development and people's high standards of civilized life, and create a safe, comfortable, warm, efficient production and living environment, and in accordance with the needs of a variety of plant, starting from the specific conditions of the factory, so that a reasonable allocation , leaving room for expansion, advanced technology, high cost performance, ensure high quality performance and high reliability.

The program according to documents provided by the factory, and according to the actual needs of the plant, taking into account relevant international standards and national standards, combined with a number of our factories engaged in the experience, the preparation of a set of technical solutions. If the content of this program or any other place have not exhaustive, and we always welcome your comments.

Fourth, the main parameters of the system equipment
1. Perimeter alarm system
Name: Infrared radiation
Model: ABT-20
Brand: ALEPH

1. Cable, bus compatible, holographic spot real-time. 
2. Unique displacement reception, high-power digital filtering.

3. Fully functional diagnostics, the environment adaptive, fault lock.

4. Digital Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence recognition: quad-band FM, the use of artificial intelligence, fuzzy judgments, false positives to a minimum.

5. Intelligent power transmission: independent development of the chip can automatically sense changes in the surrounding environment, according to environmental conditions to automatically adjust the radio's transmit power, greatly extending the life of the launching tubes and also reduce the power.

6. Environmental protection: with a controllable function display, after installation, you can turn off the display, significantly saving energy.

7. Patent coaxial dual-focus precision optical aspheric focusing lens.

8. Dedicated DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional fault-tolerant, true detection alarm technology.

9. With long-life non-contact, low voltage, micro-power solid state relays.

10. Up and down while adjusting the optical lens structure, make adjustments faster and more accurate.

11. Fully sealed structure.

Name: perimeter alarm host
Model: FC-7216
Owned brand: CK
1. Real-time information, ready to monitor the status of the probe.

2.LCD keyboard, display the operating instructions for each step  and the probe in real time.

3.MA bus mode.

4.16 fully programmable zones.

5.32 user password.

6. Automatically dial to set a good call.

7. Any external different types of detectors.

8. Telephone line break, short circuit detection, and then alarm.

9. Various types of soft zone.

10. Alarm center can remote host.

11. Can be timed arm and disarm.

Host display with a keyboard
2. Monitoring System
Digital hard disk video recorders 
Type: Japan three Ming (SAM) SK-Y2006
● multi-screen monitor can 1,4,7,9,10,16 a screen to split screen, you can simultaneously display images from 1 to 16 channels. Can also be a road full screen video screen.

● screen color picture of each channel can be adjusted to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.

● status display shows the current system time, hard disk recording space usage, network connection status, recording status of each channel.

● User Management server can be set to allow access to local and remote users group or user, and multi-level rights management.

● Users can set system parameters need to set the video and audio stream, set the video mode (multicast and on-demand), and the opening of Channel on or off the remote transmission.

■ Digital Video Recorder External device control
●  PTZ camera PTZ control channel can be installed to control, such as control turning left and right and up and down the lens focus, set the lens in a The residence time positions.

● switching matrix control for external video and audio switching matrix, channel selection for each road surveillance camera in the screen, you can also set the time interval from
Visit multiple moving footage.

● Sensor input / alarm output control can be set to the type of sensors and sensor alarms and the corresponding connectivity.Can be set to report Police joint action.

■ Digital Video Recorder audio recording and playback
●  1 to 16 simultaneous video audio sync video, audio and video streams can be configured.

● Timer recording mode, alarm trigger, manual continuous, motion detection recording mode and other 
● playback supports playback of multiple channels simultaneously, and you can select a different playback speed frame by frame playback.

● Playback video search can type (all categories, the general recording, alarm recording), by channel, by time of retrieval.

■ Digital Video Recorder features remote client
● Real-time remote monitoring via UDP or TCP / IP access to the Internet or LAN DVR, real-time broadcast video server
Each client computer can access the system with different service Gum drought demon? Six radio channels.

● remote control client can directly connect to the server through the network PTZ camera control and switch matrix regulation of channel switching.

● remote client demand and playback directly on-demand playback via the web video and audio files on the server. Can play back up to different A total of 16 channels on the server.

●  remote synchronous watch live video broadcasts on the client or on-demand playback at the same time, can be recorded locally on the client saved content. This Off-site remote backup can be achieved.

■ Other features Digital Video Recorder
● Image capture fast image capture, zoom, print, save and retrieve.

● data backup option to back up the channel and the time period specified in the backup data to the network, hard disk, CD-ROM, floppy disks and other paths.

■ Digital Video Recorder Technical Features

● Monitor / video / playback / remote transmission of multiple simultaneous real-time implementation of full

● Hardware motion detection implementation action is not recorded on the recording does not move to save hard disk space
● Adjustable-stream hardware compression option, fully meet the needs of different network environment
● scalable high-capacity hard drive, recording time can be up to 16 more than 30 days
● multi-drive loop recording, automatic disk management, do not lose data due to disk full
● All Chinese graphical interface, support for multiple peripherals, digital hard disk recording software upgrade support
Indoor Color Camera
Type: Japan three Ming (SAM) SK-460L

1 / 3 (inch) SONY Sony chip, 795 (H) × 596 (V) pixels 
480 lines of horizontal resolution. Digital signal processing (DSP) function to reduce shot noise color image grid.

Vertical digital enhancement and digital aperture correction function, the horizontal and vertical edge enhancement signal strength, providing clear images.

Advanced digital backlight compensation (BLC) function. Shooting knee circuit effectively expand the dynamic range of bright objects.

High signal to noise ratio greater than 52dB, providing natural images.

Minimum scene illumination: F1.2 time 0.03lux.

Specially designed interfaces can be installed on C lens mount and CS-type lens, can also use the DC or VIDEO servo ALC lenses.

Power synchronization to ensure the freedom of switching system operation. The system can be extremely convenient VD2 synchronization.

Operating temperature: -20 degrees - 55 degrees

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