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Plant monitoring system

Time: 2017-03-29
1System Requirements Analysis

    In recent years, with the network in China and the spread and deepening the development of enterprise information technology have advanced, industries have accelerated the construction of information network platform, most of the units have been or are being laid LAN computer within the enterprise; the same time, the network also become emerging advanced applications provide a good platform. In the modern enterprise management, the security requirements increase, the monitoring system plays an increasingly important role, to existing and network systems to be built together with the monitoring system not only can the maximum degree of reduction of the transformation project cycle, while avoiding duplication of capital investment and improved utilization of network resources.

     Plant larger plants, production and management complexity for high safety factor. In many production plants, airport runway, special outdoor places and functions to achieve on-site monitoring and production of dispatching the combination will greatly enhance the plant's intelligent management.
1.1 User needs analysis

(1) a monitoring center, completed all monitoring points within the plant's centralized monitoring and management;

(2) management of the entire monitoring system using two methods, namely, control center and monitoring functions

(3) monitoring devices to capture the signal directly through TCP / IP protocol in the LAN / WAN transmission;

(4)  of the camera and the nodes on the network distribution of the building and site information constitute a relatively independent group of individuals;

(5) The monitoring center can monitor the selected point in the video wall or projector real-time video display, continuous digital video storage, the user can store the history according to the time of image data retrieval and playback.

(6) The point of the camera monitoring the outside world according to different trigger conditions, to achieve the alarm, and recording site from the start to do disaster recovery.

(7) the special nature of the system according to the need for improved plant safety performance based system, strict permission based system.

(8)  According to the requirements of high-performance compression algorithms, voice clear and smooth

(9) full use of the original factory network resources, a reasonable allocation of network load, the maximum funds to avoid duplication of investment.

(10) to ensure that the existing planning and construction with good scalability and can be of secondary development.

1.2 System requirements:

Stability of the system: the factory network monitoring system in the process of modern management enterprise occupies an important position, all the audio and video data, ERP data, information and other network activities should be done through the system, so the security and stability of the system very important phase of our design requirements of the system should be fully considered, mature and stable through the purchase of network products, monitoring products, all supporting equipment, strictly regulate the construction process and scientific management system to the stability of the whole system guarantee.

Ease of maintenance 
     Ease of maintenance of a system is the system a very important indicator for a larger system, unified planning, structural design, equipment, tools, software as a unified procurement, unified management, the selection of qualified manufacturers supply is to ensure that the key to the system easy to maintain.
    According to the actual requirements of the plant, the current enterprise resource management information system (ERP) has been running through the computer network, and now demands of the network video surveillance, security alarm system also needs to use the factory's computer network platform (to be basis of the existing appropriate upgrade).
     System requirements for the factory is also gradually improving, which requires the design of the system can be extended to allow sufficient room in the factory need to expand or upgrade the system can be easily done.
    The plant as a special enterprise, security, confidentiality must be first considered. Data transmission process in the network, to prevent eavesdropping or interception of information, data must be encrypted, and we also take into account the internal network and improve network operating system, can ensure a sound and defensible from a user security internal and external malicious attacks.
2、control system selection 
2.1 IP camera monitoring system based on the characteristics of 
      According to the analysis of the plant needs, combined with the actual situation of the factory's network environment, we recommend the use of intellectual property rights are of the Group's network digital video camera for network video surveillance, alarm and video programs;
    Network digital video camera for the Pacific Group of independent research and development of high-tech network monitoring product, the product's software and hardware all have independent intellectual property rights, confidentiality, and can be directly used in LAN cabling for image transmission and use of wide-area public network transmission, integrated within the pickup, with alarm signal sensor alarm input and output interface linked, you can add two way alarm sensors and alarm equipment linked.
2.2 The advantages of IP digital cameras

2.2.1 system advanced, powerful 
      Use of integrated network and wide area public network cabling for LAN and WAN image transmission, and real-time monitoring.Front-end system required less equipment, the connection simple; back-end software system can be set only. Network digital video camera with integrated sound image acquisition module, image processing module voice, image voice compression module and the Ethernet controller features, the image is converted to TCP / IP-standard data packet, so that the camera images taken through the Ethernet interface directly to the network. Through the network to the remote monitor screen. Network digital camera images using the most advanced sound sensor technology, image sound processing technology, image voice compression technology, data encryption and network transmission technology, with powerful functions. Built-in system software enables true plug and play, allowing users to remove the complex network configuration; built-in I / O port and communication port to facilitate expansion of the external peripheral devices such as: round head, the three variable lens and other custom control equipment, all the way RS232 interfaces to all kinds of alarm sensors, alarm equipment and other expansion joint control equipment.

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