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Supermarket monitoring system

Time: 2017-03-29

Frist, Overview

     As the city gradually faster pace of life, functional and complete supply large supermarkets gradually replaced the traditional department store, into the lives of urban people into the city an important place for human consumption. To win the competition, can no longer rely on a simple price war, it just makes business will suffer; only from lower marketing costs, brands, establish a good image of departure, for customers to create a safe, comfortable, relaxed, supply complete shopping environment in order to obtain good results. Large supermarkets have a certain scale, a considerable area, all of the implementation of no sales is the main way to reduce costs. By the customer in the absence of intervention selection of favorite products, but also to bring a hidden anti-theft merchandise and increase the management difficulty, so to consider security issues. To avoid pilfering of goods by unscrupulous customers to avoid the deliberate destruction of others, to avoid excessive customer accidents in the crowd. Also protect the safety of storage of goods, the staff management.Therefore, the supermarket must be accompanied by a set of comprehensive monitoring system to address the safety of supermarket operations and control management.

Second, the design goals

    The basis of objective requirements, using our engineering expertise and technical advantages to the latest electronic technology, computer technology, network communication technology, multimedia technology and sensor technology, a high-tech monitoring system, monitoring of the point of the security situation and a full range of emergencies to monitor and control your supermarket for the design and implementation of a set of advanced technology, in line with the requirements of owners of high performance and low cost of intelligent systems. 
Third, the design

I will be the following points as guidelines:

     Use of monitoring systems, enabling customers to know the number of supermarkets, the situation in a timely manner, pursuant to the ease and other necessary work. In addition, the system can also record all the scenarios detailed in the data in record time, place, analyzed the market trends for the market to provide detailed information. Through systematic analysis of video data, we can know which season, what holiday, or even what time period specific to the day, most popular passenger; also know what items which point the most sales to attract customers.

A、Advanced economies

    The system uses the current international advanced technology than the equipment used technical performance, functional, stable and reliable, so that the whole system for a long period of time, to maintain the advanced level; taking into account the specific circumstances of your supermarket , in a practical, economical and reliable principles, and cost savings under the premise of the system to play the biggest role.

B、 Easy to operate

    Operating with a flexible monitoring system is simple, easy to learn, the operator can easily use and maintain.

C、Stable performance

     CCTV system as complex, and relatively large system, its stability will be crucial, while crashes, offline or can not control or treatment recurrent abnormal phenomenon, I will resolutely put an end to.

D、 Security

    Supermarket monitoring system internal / external security is very important. Therefore, we will design a password, encrypted passwords, multi-level control level / alarm confirmation level, minimum security level functions such as protection of the product.While operator privileges can be divided into system settings, super users, log reports and operator settings. In emergency situations will be considered a remote operator's cancellation feature. To a variety of systems, control, alarm functions have shared. Truly reflects the high level of monitoring system

Fourth、 Design basis

A. Construction [1997]290  Building intelligent systems engineering design and management Interim Provisions

B. GA/T75-94 Security procedures and requirements engineering

C. Security measures cost estimate and budget

D. JGJ/T16-92 Civil Electrical Design

E. Closed-circuit television system to monitor civil engineering design

F. Customer design requirements

五、 Technical parameters of major equipment

Digital hard disk video recorders

Type: Japan three Ming (SAM) SK-Y2006

● Multi-screen monitor can 1,4,7,9,10,16 a screen to split screen, you can simultaneously display images from 1 to 16 channels. Can also be a road full screen video screen.

● Color screen, each channel can be adjusted to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.

● System status display shows the current time, hard disk recording space usage, network connection status, recording status of each channel.

● User management server can be set to allow access to local and remote users group or user, and multi-level rights management.

● System parameter setting Users can set the video and audio stream, set the video mode (multicast and on-demand), and open or close the channel of the remote transmission function.

■ Digital Video Recorder External device control .

● PTZ camera PTZ control channel can be installed to control, such as control turning left and right and up and down the lens focus, set the camera stay in one place and time.

● Switching matrix control for external video and audio switching matrix, channel selection for each road surveillance camera in the screen, you can also set the time interval of automatic inspection more footage.

● Sensor input / alarm output control can set the sensor type, and the corresponding alarm connection of the sensor. Can set alarm linkage action.

■ Digital Video Recorder audio recording and playback

● 1 to 16 simultaneous video audio sync video, audio and video streams can be configured.

● Timer recording mode, alarm trigger, manual continuous, motion detection recording mode and other

● Playback can support playback of multiple channels simultaneously, and can choose different playback frame by frame playback speed .

● Video playback can search type (all categories, general recording, alarm recording), by channel, by time of retrieval.

■ Digital Video Recorder features remote client

● Real-time remote monitoring via UDP or TCP / IP access to the Internet or LAN DVR, real-time broadcast video server each client computer can access the different services, Department of Gum drought demon? Six radio channels.

● Remote control client can directly connect to the server through the network PTZ camera control and switch matrix regulation of channel switching.

● Remote playback client demand and direct-on-demand playback via the web video and audio files on the server. Can playback up to 16 different channels on the server.

● Remote synchronization client to watch live video broadcasts or on-demand playback at the same time, you can record locally on the client saved content. This allows off-site remote backup.

■ Other features Digital Video Recorder

● Image capture fast image capture, zoom, print, save and retrieve.

● Data backup option to back up the channel and the time period specified in the backup data to the network, hard disk, CD-ROM, floppy disks and other paths.

■ Digital Video Recorder Technical Features

● Monitoring / recording / playback / remote transmission of multiple simultaneous real-time implementation of full .

● Hardware motion detection implementation action is not recorded on the recording does not move to save hard disk space

● Optional adjustable stream compression hardware, fully meet the needs of different network environment

● Scalable high-capacity hard drive, recording time can be up to 16 more than 30 days

● Multi-disk cycle recording, automatic disk management, do not lose data due to disk full

● The whole Chinese graphical user interface, support for multiple peripherals, digital hard disk recording software upgrade support

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