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Time: 2017-03-29
 East Overseas Chinese Town (OCT East Shenzhen Co., Ltd.) is invested in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Group, the construction of large-scale comprehensive eco-tourism projects with a total investment of 30 billion yuan, covers an area of 9 square kilometers, east of the Gold Coast is located in Shenzhen City, Dameisha, three continents field Area, is mainly engaged in eco-tourism, hotels, real estate and restaurants, entertainment and other ancillary services investment in construction, development and operations since 2004, the Shenzhen municipal government for three consecutive years are classified as major construction projects.
     OCT Overseas Chinese Town Group as an investment in building the first major eco-tourism projects, in project development and construction of the development of recycling economy always, adhere to independent innovation. Product innovation in project planning and design, development and construction of a number of independent innovation with independent intellectual property rights and unique items and products, including the "three towns" that Interlaken town Haifei De towns and Weng tea town, "Third Street" that Haifei De days Street, Flower Street and the arts Interlaken Earth Water Street, "the three tribes," the cloud village, day trip and the Flower Clock Zen church. All types of scenery and landscape, attractions more than 100 projects (a), ten more to create a "China most" or "first." Knight Valley Falls, which is currently the largest drop, the longest coastal artificial waterfall; jungle cable car for the world's first dual-slope mountain gondola; cloud windmill is the first group of both landscape and generating function of the wind turbine; total length of over 900 meters, the largest drop of 40 meters of the longest fjord rafting in Asia, the biggest drop of the drifting projects; height of 110 meters of the rotating nature of the eye Tower is the highest height of China's coastal Tower; multifunctional ecological theater is equipment in China and Asia's most advanced and most perfect, most unique landscape of large multi-functional theater, where the total area of 300 square meters of LED large screen, known as "Asia's first screen."

   East Overseas Chinese Town hall meeting set up conference system, in this system, the leadership of the front seat in front of everyone set up a LCD screen, a total of 65 surface. LCD screen of the signal is constant through the Long Technology (VGA-300HD) transmission over transmission from the control center, so that all can see the leadership group arrangements instant messaging session.

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